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I devoted myself to my yoga practice when I was recovering from multiple concussions and struggling with everyday life. Before hitting my head I lived a very fast-paced life with love for biking, hockey, snowboarding, theatre, having three jobs and full time school, all at once. I did not like to slow down, my preference then was hot yoga, usually traditional hot classes where I knew what was coming next at all times. Then I suffered a severe concussion that changed everything, I had very little control over my emotions, my body (pain and a host of other symptoms) It wasn’t easy but eventually I found peace on my mat and began the journey of self acceptance that has now become my journey of self love with the added benefit that with a regular practice I feel a lot better. I have always loved teaching and helping other people to find passion. Naturally, I wanted to teach yoga. One of the things I love about it is that yoga is for every body, no matter what your body or mind has been through. It is important to me that Sun Peaks Yoga is a space for everyone to feel accepted and loved.

Owner, Yoga Teacher 

Kayla Alfred


I am lucky to have lived in mountain towns for most of my life and have happily called Sun Peaks home since 2012.  A lover of mountain biking and snowboarding, I live for good food, good people and good times. 

After being diagnosed with Scoliosis in my early 20s I started practicing yoga regularly at the advice of my doctor. It’s transformed my life and has helped me heal physically, mentally and emotionally. 

After my pregnancy and the birth of my daughter in 2018, a passion for the incredible machine that is the human body was ignited. I dove head first into studying for a new career and recently became a certified Personal Trainer, Pre & Postnatal Fitness Specialist and Yoga Teacher. 

Everyone’s body is amazing and unique in it’s own way so I always encourage my students to listen to theirs and to never push it if something doesn’t feel right. I am honoured to be able to share my love of yoga in such an incredibly beautiful place and my hope is that students feel connected and at peace with themselves when they leave class.

Every day is a gift; find joy in the little things and happiness will come. 

“Live the life you have imagined. This is not a rehearsal” -My buddy Phil

Manager, Yoga Teacher RYT - 200

Meghan Kolodka


My name is Amy Atkinson.  I am a 500 hour Shift Power Yoga Teacher, a certified Baptiste Power Yoga teacher, the owner of Shift Power Yoga Kamloops and an ACSM Exercise Physiologist.  I am honoured and super stoked to be part of the Sun Peaks Yoga team! Possibility is my favourite word and I believe in standing for the greatness of others. I am so excited to be part of a community that is up to big things.  


I have been a yoga student for 25+ years and during my first Baptiste Power Yoga class I experienced an awakening and vitality that I have never felt before. I went to yoga teacher training because I wanted to dive deeper into my personal yoga practice and learn more about Baptiste Yoga, I had no intention of teaching.  But, I have discovered that all I have learned and experienced in my training is way more powerful when it is shared.  


My intention as a Baptiste Power Yoga teacher is for my students to rediscover their own strength and vitality.  The Journey into Power sequence is a strong, powerful flow that improves strength and flexibility, it is for anybody and can be modified for all levels and experience.  When you step onto your mat from the energy of yes, this practice will lead you to discover that something new is always possible. I am committed to teaching from possibility not limitation.  I am committed to sharing the tools of Baptiste Yoga with my students so they can experience power, vitality and freedom on their mats and in their lives. 

Yoga Teacher - RYT 500 Hour Shift Power Yoga

Amy Atkinson


I found yoga in August of 2017 and, ever since my first class, my life has been completely transformed. Yoga cured my aches and pains not only throughout my body- but my mind as well. 6 months into my everyday practice, I was in Australia and landed a scholarship for my 200 hour teacher training! Since then, I have started virtual health coaching, teaching vinyasa yoga and have returned to Sun Peaks. My first season in Sun Peaks was the summer of 2016. Since that day the mountain has been my home. I am from Edmonton, Alberta originally, but I’m here to stay! I look forward to sharing my love for healthy living, meditation, fitness and good vibes with you all! Namaste!

Front Desk, Yoga Teacher - RYT 200

Heather Comeault


I stumbled into my first yoga class at the ripe age of 20. Though the experience itself was deeply uncomfortable, the alive-ness I felt after class was like nothing I have ever felt before. This feeling was the spark of a life passion for yoga and mindfulness practices that have only burned more brightly in time. I am originally from Ontario but moved to Kamloops in 2016. My passion for snowboarding brought me to Sun Peaks where I met a local resident and now reside in the area with our new baby.


My classes pull on many different yogic traditions but are always grounded in a mindfulness-based approach. A focus on mental health is a cornerstone in my life and teaching, having come from a high-stress education and work environment. Helping others open up to look at and work with their mental health challenges is work that is near and dear to my heart. The main focus in all of my classes is breath. Focusing on breath, moving through various asanas with a main focus on core.


I look forward to meeting you on your mat, on your meditation cushion or on the road of life!

Yoga Teacher - RYT 500 Hour (Vinyasa, Yin, Hatha, Restorative, SUP Yoga)

Jenny Gomes


I provide my students with a challenging yet fun approach to yoga.  My mission is to creatively move your mind and body through a yoga practise with enthusiasm and encouragement that leaves you refreshed, relaxed and re-energized. 

I am is proud to call Sun Peaks home for the past 3 ½ years.  I am a Health & Life Coach; I volunteer as a Nordic Host and a Nordic Coach and I am a mountain bike instructor.

As a Health & Life Coach I help people who are struggling with their weight, self confidence and want to boost their energy level to look and feel awesome. 

Do you know anyone who wants to look and feel absolutely amazing and live life with zest and passion?  Call or message me at 250-305-0524 to book a Life coaching appointment. 

Yoga Teacher - E-RYT 200

Sue Price


Students in my yoga classes can expect practice that is challenging, releasing and grounding.  I encourage students to listen to their bodies and take what they need in the moment - sometimes that means dialling it up and sometimes that means dialling it down.  In my classes you get to come home to your breath, connect to your body and allow a clearer, stronger version of yourself to emerge. 


The first time I practiced yoga was at the YMCA in Kamloops in the early 90’s and since then it has been a thread I've carried throughout my whole life.  I practiced yoga through pregnancies, different careers and stages of my life. As I approach the second half of my life, I know the critical value of yoga in maintaining a  functioning body and an aligned sense of self. I want to be able to use my body joyfully in doing all the things I love to do - skiing, soccer, hiking! I grew up skiing every angle of Tod Mountain. Now I am up here every weekend with my two teenagers and they love it just as much as I do.

Yoga Teacher RYT 200

Jocelyn Gordon


I was about 2 years old the first time I was put on skis here at Sun Peaks. I grew up racing down headwalls, exploring the Gil’s and appreciating those ever so sacred powder days. For as long as I could remember, winter breaks would mean family trips up to the hill. 

My interest for yoga quickly expanded after transitioning over from being a competitive dancer. 


I was deeply fascinated by Indian philosophy and that which laid beyond the physical asana practice. My curiosity led me to India to deepen my knowledge and learn yoga from its source. 

While travelling, I completed my 200hr teacher training in Hatha and Vinyasa as well a training in Yin and Yoga Nidra. My time in India has broadened my perspective on yoga and conscious living as a whole. 


I am passionate about sharing the ways we can incorporate yoga into our everyday lives both on and off our mats. I could not be more excited to be spreading my knowledge and experience within a community I connect so deeply to.


Above all, live in kindness and live in love.

Yoga Teacher - RYT 200

Jessica Nemeth


My curiosity towards yoga began long before I ever stepped foot in a class. I was always curious, but not really sure where to start as this wonder began at a time and place where it was uncommon. Years later I found myself in a small class for the first time and began to explore. What started as a supplement to my fitness routine slowly turned into a passion and increasingly strong desire to explore this world of yoga. The gentle integration of spirituality into my physical practice started to show up and I now use this as a tool towards my own personal mental wellness. I completed my YTT 200 hour certificate in the spring of 2018 and have been teaching part-time since. My teaching style is vinyasa inspired with an emphasis on breath and turning our awareness inward. I welcome all levels into my classes and provide a space where students feel supported and capable of finding their edge... not to mention, in an incredible location! Sun Peaks is a place where I have found a strong connection to the earth, my breath, and a feeling of expansion and freedom. These mountains have allowed me to find my flow on the slopes and I am overjoyed to have the opportunity to guide yoga students towards finding their flow on the mat. It humbles me to have students join me on this journey and I am so grateful for the space we all hold for each other in this beautiful mountain community.

Yoga Teacher - RYT 200

Lindsay Wozny


I began my yoga journey in 2011, taking mostly yin and restorative classes, loving the opportunity to really slow down and let go in our fast-paced world.  I completed my yoga teacher training a year later, at my home studio in Parksville on Vancouver Island. I first taught beach yoga through a campground for multiple summers, then on to studios in Ucluelet and Victoria.  I’m really grateful that yoga has contributed to my travels, having been able to teach in Sri Lanka and Nicaragua. The past few years I have continued expanding my yoga path off the mat, bringing a lot more awareness to consciously slowing down and deepening my breath throughout the day, releasing any tension in the body, and letting go of mind chatter.  I’m looking forward to being able to teach, and be a student again this winter at Sun Peaks Yoga!


I first moved to Sun Peaks with my partner in 2014, and Sun Peaks feels like home now, even though we still move around a fair bit!  I love the awesome, friendly community here and can’t wait to make new friends in the yoga community this season.

Yoga Teacher - RYT 200

Sandra Brigham

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Therese and Barry MacDonald combine their remarkable mental health expertise as longtime family counsellors with their passion for yoga to cultivate overall health and well-being in the Sun Peaks community.


“Yoga has incredible potential to enhance your life,” says Therese, “especially when you accept yourself here and now and honour your unique path of personal change.”


“Many people are first drawn to yoga to reduce stress, develop flexibility or heal a physical injury,” explains Barry, “only to discover that when they are steady with their practice they will take their experience to a deeper level where they feel wonderfully calm and peaceful while also strong and stable.”


Barry and Therese understand that the key to cultivating a sustainable yoga practice begins with conscious intention to move with intelligence and inner compassion. Within that intention, breath and simple movement gradually warm and open the body, the mind and the heart. “By using breath to focus and direct movement we are able to relieve the fluctuations of our busy and sometimes cluttered lives to discover that our hearts are full with an energetic awakening,” clarifies Therese.


“Yoga encourages transformation by helping you to shift patterns you've developed over time, patterns that may no longer serve you. When you move your body into a pose that is foreign and you stick with it, you learn how to take a new shape. Taking this new body shape can lead you to take a fresh new perspective with the mind. Combined together, breath and asana have the power to shift the obstacles that inhibit us from thriving and to get a glimpse of the joyful and free person we can each be," Barry says.


In addition to providing transformative yoga classes and retreats they have a small counselling practice in South Surrey.


Yoga Teachers - RYT 200

Barry and Therese MacDonald

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