My honest experience of opening a yoga studio.

I have always low key dreamed of running my own business but could never settle on the right "thing". Then, when Andrew and I decided to move back to Sun Peaks it came to me. I didn't want to have to drive down the hill to be able to practice yoga everyday in a class setting. So began the amazing journey! It has been such a journey that I thought I might share some of the highs and lows of it since when I was looking for information and advice on this and all I found was a few interviews that didn't share the full scope of the experience.

The first thing I heard was No, that won't work, over and over again from others and from myself. Sun Peaks is a seasonal community, that is no secret or surprise. My perspective, however is that if you want to support community growth you have to take a chance. I don't expect to be a millionaire, or even to break even right away which is scary when I'm putting everything I have into something that probably won't be financially rewarding for a looong time. Rewarding, however, has many meanings and for me the reward is making people feel good in their bodies, minds and spirits. Giving people somewhere to go when they need to reconnect or just be with themselves in a nonjudgemental space. A place to build an even stronger community, the main draw to Sun Peaks for me is the community and amazing people within it. This is what kept me going back to the drawing board.

I first just looked at what I wanted in a yoga studio and had so much fun designing the perfect space for me. Then I realized it's NOT FOR ME! So I looked at the community, who is here? who might be here? and who needs yoga here? I immediately scrapped 90% of my plans. We already have an awesome, expanding gym so I didn't need to focus on the fitness side of things too much (not that I don't plan on making folks sweat! I definitely do!) so instead I turned to what brings people to move to Sun Peaks for one season and end up building a life and a home. It is the magic. Not just the magic cattleguard but the place itself, I challenge you to step outside, take three deep breaths of that Sun Peaks air while looking around you and try not to feel immediately more calm, centered and grateful. That is where Sun Peaks Yoga comes from, creating a space for folks from all walks to be together and embrace that feeling. To give opportunities to slow down, reflect and connect. Whether you are like me and experience injuries that keep you off the mountain sometimes, or are embracing your golden years and want to keep up with the grandkids on their adventures, or perhaps you have or soon will have littles of your own that could use some inside time where they get to be kids and learn about how breathing can help you calm down when you get too much winter stoke and it's not even the middle of August yet... not speaking from experience or anything...

Hats of a Studio Owner

Settling on my What and Why I next had to get into the How. Knowing what I wanted to offer I immediately signed up for as many training courses as I could. So the first hat is that of a devoted student. I also had to start deciding what the physical space will be like, I have had a lot of help on this but just because you have an architect and builder helping you doesn't mean they know exactly what is in your head or what your space will need so then I donned the hat of designer, architect and dreamer. I say dreamer because in order to get the space I want I have to continually ask for my wildest dreams. The most amazing part is that when I stopped trying to keep it simple and started asking for what I dreamed of the team around me were able to take some of those and make them into a beautiful reality that serves all of my purposes without wasting space, you will be able to see for yourself soon enough!

Then again the hat of an accountant and reality check person. One of the most equally frustrating and fun hats is that of the website designer! I love giving into my artistic and obsessive side a little here and being extremely nitpicky with the website's aesthetic but then there is a practical side of deciding what features it needs and getting it to comunicate with other online business services which requires technical knowledge that I am very slowly acquiring. As the website is built specific final decisions have to be made which add a whole new level of excitement such as building programs and class schedule because now they are real. This leads to the hat of studio manager who needs to source and hire staff, get insurance, set up payroll and staff training goals, etc. The hat I am putting on next will be that of a policy maker that I will have help from a lawyer to make.\

As we inch ever closer to opening in November I will add weekly updates of fun, exciting and confusing moments when they come up!

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