Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What should I wear? 

A. Comfortable light layers that do not restrict your movement. We recommend avoiding too many buttons or zippers. We are a barefoot studio so if your feet are sensitive then you might also bring socks with grip, slippers or an indoor shoe. 

Q. What should I bring to class? 

A. Please Bring your own mat and props as well as a nice full water bottle!  We have long term rental packages available to our monthly members to use until we feel it is safe to return to providing yoga mats at the studio.  We are not able to store your mats at the studio at this time. 

Q. What if I forget my water? Do you sell bottled water? 

A. We do not sell bottled water in our effort to do our part for the environment. We are no longer allowed to provide you with water from our water cooler in reusable bottles. Should you forget your water, OHANA is just next door and will be able to sell you anything you need. 

Q. I sweat a lot, do you have shower facilities? 

A. We do not hove showers in our space, instead we have three sinks you may use to wash your face and facecloths available. We may also have other toiletries available to help you put your best foot forward when you leave. We ask that you place any used towels DIRECTLY into the laundry basket outside of the bathrooms.  

Q. Are your washrooms accessible? 

A. Yes! we have two restrooms that are both up to ADA standards in the effort to work toward the most inclusive space possible. 

Q. Where can I go to read more about your class types? 

A. Click Here for a list of our classes offered. Please know that not all classes will be offered every week. Should you like a private session in any of the listed classes just send us a message and we will be happy to set it up for you! 

Q. I've never done yoga before, can I still come to your studio? 

A. YES!!! All abilities are invited into the studio. Zero judgements, all creaks and groans welcome. We also offer Gentle Hatha classes that move a bit slower in and out of poses to give you more time to find what works for you.